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Welcome to The Complete Course in BusinessTelling.

The course is composed of 7 sections

Each section includes a different number of lessons, from 1 to 15.

You can track the lessons you’ve completed on the top left navigation bar.  Every time you start or end one of the 7 sections you will hear our BusinessTelling jingle playing.

Feel free to watch any video-lesson as many time as you need to learn and absorb the content. 

Welcome to "We are our stories"the 1st section of the course.

This section has 1 lesson.

In this lesson we will:

  1. Cover what you will learn through this course;
  2. Share some Breaking News;
  3. Understand why we are our stories.

3 actions are required to complete this lesson successfully:

  1. Watch the video;
  2. Complete the Quiz below the video (multiple correct answers possible);
  3. Use the Complete and continue button on the top right of the page to advance to the next lesson (or Previous Lecture to go back).


Important Note for the Quiz here below (and valid also for the coming lessons): 

  • please keep in mind for each question 1, 2 or even all 3 might be correct answers.

Well done!

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